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A site dedicated to helping CWDHS students in Fergus, Ontario produce the best freaking yearbook on the planet.

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Checklist for your pages

Your checklist for your yearbook pages

-dominant picture
-consistent spacing between images and text (half a pica, 0p6)
-good design, alignment, contrast, proximity, repetition
-cohesive colour scheme
-clear that there is a theme that can be passed onto other pages in book
- page numbers
- use of columns and grids
-way to name people in pictures, either on picture or numbered
- 2 sports per sports page

Key items for your double page spread

You are going to create this today.  It is a magazine double page spread.  

First, you need to start a new document in InDesign CS4. 

You will the following dimensions after you click on File>New>Document
You will have some choices.  Make the following Changes: 

Number of Pages: 2
Start Page: 2 

Page Size: A4

You will need some images for this assignment.
Photo of School 



Galaxy phone



Good luck!  Hopefully I am back tomorrow.  Your assessment will be based on how well you are able to make a magazine layout that looks almost identical to the one I posted. I don’t care if the fonts are identical.  

CW T shirt contest

Are you artistic?  Want to win a $100 gift card?  Then design a T-shirt for CW.  We are looking for a design that represents “what actions best reflects our Falcon sense of community.”  

It can be a photo, drawing, painting or even mixed-media.

The maximum size is 8 1/2 by 11 and it can have a maximum of 2 colours.

Submissions are due to Mr. Jamieson in guidance by Monday Nov. 19th.

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school rules


um funny

martinez rules

don’t be intimidated

text is king

text rules

Martinez rules

Make a new photoshop document, 8.5 by 11 inches, 300dpi

Save it as a photoshop file.

Only 2 colours, only text and shapes, no gradients.

Make it awesome.

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